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TIS started with a dream , a dream that would make young minds to harness their potential the field of computer science.

Students Project

TIS provide the best projects to students, We offer for IEEE 2016-2017 Research Papers, using hot technologies like Bigdata, Cloud, Java, Dotnet, ns2, matlab, android and PHP with MySQL . TIS projects are targeted towards All IT and MCA students, who have the interest to learn these technologies, apart from shaping the best project for their final years of graduation. From the numerous testimonials of the students who were associated with us. Starting from offering assistance to students to help identify a project depending on their field of engineering and their interest. To training the students in the various aspects of the project both practical and theoretical, and to finally preparing them for their project demonstrations and final project review.

Whether you wish to join us or choose us, the TIS promise of unearthing your potential remains eternal.


Student Project

All type of student project can develop with better guide.

  • Specifications
  • ₹10,000-₹45,000
  • Service charge
  • Coding charge
  • Tools charge
  • Tutorial charge
  • Data charge

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