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No matter what your hosting or support needs are, TIS has a plan for you. Select from any of our base plans below to get started. Add the plan that closest matches your needs then select from a list of add-ons. Still need something you don’t see here? Contact our support team, we’ll customize a hosting, support or services plan just for you.

Web hosting and server maintenance

As an essential internet hosting service, web hosting is aimed at allowing the users and professional experts to create a dynamic or static website through the Web World platform. Generally the companies offering this service tend to give a specialized space on the server that is being owned by the clients. As said, web hosting service gives data center space for other services. In fact, the technology is advancing at such a pace that developing a high-quality website is becoming highly imperative. This enables the web users to have proper connectivity with the website.

Whether you wish to join us or choose us, the TIS promise of unearthing your potential remains eternal.


Hosting and Server Maintenance

Old website is modulated and maintained. Any additional setting of server domain link , addon domain , sub domain ,mail generation, file transfer setting etc. are with special care.

Silver Platina Gold
File Manager
Anti Virus
Actual price ₹6,000 ₹30,000 ₹60,000
Current price Offer 50% Offer 75% Offer 75%
₹3,000 ₹7,500 ₹15,000

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