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Driven by a passion for creating compelling, considered design that engages audiences and drives results, Distraction are a multi-disciplinary creative & strategic design agency specialising in creative art & graphics design.

Art & Graphics Design

We offer graphic design services across a large number of applications. From small promotional leaflets to large product brochures, our graphic design work is original, unique and captivating. Simply provide us with an initial brief and we will do the rest! In an increasingly competitive marketplace, brand identity has never been more important. The team at TIS provides valuable advice on all aspects of building your company brand, from simple logo design to advanced internet marketing strategies. Whether you’re looking for graphic design, printing services or promotional merchandise, TIS has got you covered!

Whether you wish to join us or choose us, the TIS promise of unearthing your potential remains eternal.


Logo and Front End Design

Better Logo and wallpaper can be designed with wonderful look. Css work for website design can be done with dream imagination.

  • Specifications
  • ₹1,000-₹30,000
  • Logo
  • Design
  • Service charge

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